In The Beginning


Hello, Soul-mates-

It is  over into the wee hours of the night and my mind is busy with thoughts.   After hitting the gym for an hour weight class and finishing up a work project,  I can legitimately say  from my core that I am  tired as can be.  Too tired that is- to apparently go to sleep. So I write.  


Several years ago,  I was told I would write as in author books.  At the time that was spoken over my life I  had only pinned prayers.  Oh, I take that back! I did journal about different experiences,  my life as a soon to-be divorcee and different variations of my signature.   Why my signature?  Well, I never thought much of my cursive writing or overall penmanship so I would actually write my name over and over.   


Fast forward, I  am not an author by profession or by sales but have accepted the fact that my words have meaning and value hence now blogging!  Yesssss, I am walking in my destiny and who knows where this will lead me. The door 🚪 is open to possibilities. 


What things are you putting off and why? I say, start the whatever. For me, it was utilizing my introverted voice. 


Written by Sonji

I own the rights to this. 


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