Thinking out loud

Hi SOUL-U Family,

Have you ever thought of something in your mind and caught yourself talking?  Well I have; lots of times only for someone to overhear and ask " what you say?"  Why do we immediately think something is wrong when we do it? 

I have come to the understanding that it is good to talk to myself.  Shucks, I'm good company and an awesome listener👂🏿. I'm  no scientist or doctor. But, I am going to go out on a limb and bet that if we begin to speak words that affirm our worth, embrace our beauty  and empower our Intellect, then these things that we speak in the atmosphere will take flight and manifest.   So do it! Change the trajectory upwardly, positively  and intentionally.  All the Lys! 

I triple dog dare you to talk out loud and speak life for 21 days to yourself.  Challenge yourself.   Will yourself to succeed.  But here's the caveat, if you miss a day you must start all over with a stronger conviction. No guilt, simply conviction to Win.🏁

Let me go first- DAY 1:

1).     I Am going to have an amazing day today and will not complain.

2).     If any negative energy comes my way, I am going to SMILE first before acting or speaking.   

3).     I deserve greatness!


Life and death is in the Power of the tongue.  


Wishing you Love, Peace and SOUL-U!


By Sonji

I own the rights to this.  Accountability 

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