Who Silly


In my head thoughts of a song is on repeat.  Who can name that tune? 🎶 Silly of me to think that I could ever have you for my guy🎶.  The great Denise Williams!  Love me some her.  

Hmmm, wonder what made her pen those lyrics.   Was it because women are such emotional beings? Or perhaps,  men can be,well...men.  

Being a natural dancer with a love for the arts, it can keep twirling in my head but it will not be my ooh ooh ooh ooh, silly.  Matter of fact,  I am going to turn this ache into laughter.   Yes, I will manifest it into something beautiful like, Lily-S. 

The Flower plant to symbolize,  Purity,  Innocence and Rebirth. Feminine and Fertility.

I did a little research and did you know that these flowers do well in full sun?  And that the roots should be deeply deposited within rich, moist yet free soil?  The perfect description for an abundant life.   Full of the"son,"deeply rooted, rich and free to flourish in the soil.  Ever heard of grounding?  That's for another blog.  

Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Oooooh Ooh, Lilly with an S for survivor!

I am not defined by people or things- only what God created me to be.  

Written by, Sonji


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