Your Purpose

POEM: Do you know your purpose in life.


You never know what a person is truly going through, and with a blink of an eye it could be you.
A happy face isn't always a happy heart, oftentimes it's cover ups shadowing in the dark.
What if you were the link to encourage all abroad, to connect old and new in realness, not a facade.
Meaning not just to your random list of 1,2 or fave 5's, but all you've accepted in your cyber and personal lives.
Why not be social to ALL "like ", "comment" and post your Pics, instead of the usual immature clicks?
What's my point I hear you say, my point is to separate the divisions of day to day.
Do you even notice many are hurt, depressed, and secretly crying for attention, and that some are even lonely, hanging on by a thread, yes even diseased afflicted?
I share and I get its not always easy, but at some point, we must stop being so busy.
With genuine concern for one's well-being, of a long prosperous blessed life never-ending.
This is really about brother and sisterhood, reaching across differences in and out of our neighborhood.
I am you and you are me, ancestry ties in history. 
Why are you here?
Live, Laugh and Love. 
I own this- Sonji
Written 5/29/2012 

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