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Howdy, Soul-mates,


I am not defined by people or things, ONLY by what God has created me to be!

Being an all inclusive person  of love and light and all things kind,  it is easy to get pulled into other's whatever and lose sight of self.  

Reflecting on the times of watching all the favorite cartoons and TV programs,  there seemed to be a lot that empowered or encouraged you. Come'on, this couldn't have been just in my household growing up and what I was allowed to watch.  Things like, I Dream of Jennie, Tom and Jerry,  Flintstones,  Zoom,  Barney, Starsky and Hutch, Goodtimes etc, there was a lesson and a moral of doing good.  


So what happened or what had happened?! 

To have a person of any age to become overwhelmed with others to the point of neglect is not the way to go. U-turn allowed. Why?  


Because,  I am not defined by people or things,  Only what God has created me to be. 


The greatest of these things is love. I love you!

Written by, Sonji

I own the rights to this

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