It Is Thundering ⛈

Welcome back Soul-U Family and friends.


 Since my last blog, there's been a topsy-turvy of events to occur.   Some I can describe as sunny, partly cloudy ( a phrase my mom used-may she R.I.P.) and ooh wee thunderstorms.  

The sunny- all good while living my best life, looking fabulous in my Soul-U aviator sunglasses, straw hat, cute outfit and designer mules. Oh and my mask!  

Running errands on weekends are a luxury these days.  Cabin fever can take a toll on a remote workers life hence why my desk faces the window.   Seeing the squirrels play and nudge the ground for buried food  or random birds resting to sing me a special song makes for a beautiful day.  Yes, open the window and let the sun shine in 🎶 . 

True  confession, these moments of feeling myself  you cannot tell me I'm not a bad mamma jamma.  Not just because the sun is shining but mainly because the stars are all aligned in my opinion.   When things are in order there is peace and a welcoming stillness. BOOM 💥 

I'm not going to dwell on the partly cloudy or thunderstorms but I  will recognize that there is purpose in them. Life is not a one size fit all regardless to the appetite.  There is a lesson in every BOOM and CLAP. 

Exhibit A- the dreaded COVID-19! What new opportunities did you encounter?  For some- situations and people have taken a different posture in our lives.  Some appreciated while others were saddening.  Hopefully, you have placed family, self, jobs and desires in their perspective places.  I have learned with disorder comes conflict.  Overall, I can characterize it as partly cloudy.   There is balance.   Even a half smile 😏  not a frown just a "despite it all smile " right? Still thankful because I  was blessed during a pandemic  to be a blessing.   

Exhibit B- my closet.  Can we all bow our heads now and chant purge- purge- purge as fast as possible? No joking, I  have three closets and still dare to say sometimes that I  have nothing to wear and head out to shop. Shopping is a love of mine and very therapeutic hence one of the reasons why Soul-U morphed.  But today...   Looking at all of this overwhelms me.  Immediately I hear the loudest thunder boom ever. Standing still at attention my mind visualizes items being removed and  feeling free as my telltale sign.  Is all of this necessary and wearable? Another covid symbolic need to purge, distance and revamp.    

Who recalls as a child shutting off the lights, TV and being told to go to bed whenever there were thunderstorms?  My grandmother would say "the Lord is working hush."  All I knew was she meant what she said and we needed to obey her and the Lord's work.  

Think about your thunderstorms.  


O-wn your space

O-pportunity awaits you 

M-ind over matter

Put on the whole armour and don't forget your rainboots to stump it out 👢. 


I own the rights to this. 

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