Throwback- He Did It

I'm amazed astounded my breath taken away, at how my life has evolved every since that day.

I never would have thought that I could have such joy and unspeakble Peace,but just like the footprints in the sand you carried me.

I often would read and read- longing to be better,little did I know that I really didn't have to have it all together.

Because your Love is unconditional,everlasting and plenty,to the whosoever will,the masses,the many.

Your Word is the Word,the Word from the beginning,the Alpha and Omega really there is no ending.

No ending to your majestic power for all who'll knock at the door,to wash away the forgotten sins forevermore.

I'm savageable thank God for saving my Soul,I'm no longer fragmented,dismembered-I'm now whole!

Coming short of your Glory I've failed again,cast them on me you say because you know my plan.

Each day I rise I'll renew my faith,and pray Lord my soul to take.

So many times you've forgiven my mess and all along it was just a test.

A test of my strength,my ambition,my fight. To take me to a level of higher heights.

My Lord my Savior you are my friend,my buckler,refuge I can depend.

I've traveled this rocky stony road and difficult journey,looking forward to the joy that comes in the morning.

John set free the symbolic Dove,for the return of thee Agape love.

You did it,you hung,its finished its done. For the Earth to quake for the Begotten Son.

You did it you did and I can't thank you enough for cleansing me of the yuckest of stuff.

I'll let nothing come between or separate our union and will yield unto you and your sweet communion.

You did it for me and others to come,saved by Grace from the Holy One.

Be still and rest and accept him now,for that eternal home above the cloud.

He did it!


*I own the rights to this.

Love, SOUL-U 

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